Staff Skills

Staff Skills

Reflections of a Sergeant

The promotion from Corporal to Sergeant can feel like a daunting experience. In this article Aaron Thomas offers some advice for new Sergeants based on his experience.

By Aaron Thomas

Staff Skills

Effective Communication

In Army we understand the importance of effective communication, or do we? In this article Kyle Myers argues that we may not be effectively communicating.

By Kyle Myers

Staff Skills

Work in the time of Corona – All-Corps Major Course and working from home

The current public health environment has forced many members of the Australian Defence Force to work from home. Andrew Stokes thinks it may become the norm for some of us to continue to work from...

By Andrew Stokes

Staff Skills

Flirting with the Churn Curve

Military staff produce too much churn and we should stop doing this.

By Nathan Coultis

Staff Skills

Looking at the Military Appreciation Process

In this short video, Douglas Clark looks at the pros and cons of the Military Appreciation Process. Essential viewing for all about to undertake a career course.

By Douglas Clark

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Cultural Reform in Middle Army – Melting Iron Colonels

'Change stalls with the Iron Colonels in Army'. Is this the case? If it is, what can we do about it? In this article, Mike Kalms and John Sayers explore what it would take to melt the iron colonels.

By Mike Kalms

Staff Skills

A round peg for a round hole: a new approach to non-operational decision making

Why do we insist on using operational planning tools to support non-operational decisions? In this article, Greg Colton proposes a new approach to non-operational decision making: the Military Staff...

By Greg Colton

Staff Skills

Link | So You’re Going to be a Staff Officer: Five Pieces of Advice for Success and Personal Satisfaction

Just marched in to a new position as a staff officer? Brandon Morgan's article in the Modern War Institute provides five recommendations to help you thrive in this new environment.

By The Cove

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Staff Skills

The Science of Operations Analysis

DSTG supported Hamel 2018 to show how to make decisions based on what you know is true

By Jack Gregg

Staff Skills

A Knowledge Management Crisis for Capability Development

In this opinion article, David Walker describes the impact of recent information management and organisational reforms within Defence's capability development sector.

By David Walker