Tactical and Technical

Tactical and Technical

Land Engineers are Underutilised in the Australian Army

James Maclean believes the role of Land Engineers in Army is poorly defined and misunderstood. What do you think of his recommendations for their effective employment?

By James Maclean

Tactical and Technical

The Future of UAS Maintenance

Stephen Wardrop thinks that UAS maintenance may become an issue in the future, so he gives us some possible solutions.

By Stephen Wardrop

Tactical and Technical

Looking around: The future of the Army Reserves

Dustin Gold has been working with the District of Columbia National Guard in the US, and he thinks we can learn a few things about how we employ Army Reservists from them.

By Dustin Gold

Tactical and Technical

Light Cavalry in the RAAC: A marriage between regular and reserve

In this Friday 'long read' Eamon Hale takes a look at what adopting light cavalry in the RAAC may bring to the ADF.

By Eamon Hale

Tactical and Technical

10 Lessons learnt from historical Air Defence Incidents for the Introduction into Service of NASAMS

Just because a platform is new to the ADF, does not mean that it has not been used by other militaries. It is important for us to look to the past so we avoid repeating mistakes in the future.

By Nicholas Harrison

Tactical and Technical

Unmanned Aerial Systems Employment at the Combat Team Level

In this article Dylan Fusinato discusses the necessary planning considerations, risks, limitations and potential methods of employment for UAS at the Combat Team level.

By Dylan Fusinato

Tactical and Technical

Synthetic Aperture Radar and Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System Application

Aaron Bamford informs us about the Synthetic Aperture Radar and how it can be used to gain tactical advantage.

By Aaron Bamford

Tactical and Technical

Hawkei is Coming, What can we do with it?

L121-4 Hawkei was envisaged as an ‘armoured Land Rover’ replacement. As the vehicle was developed it retained its ‘armoured support vehicle’ features, but grew ‘light armoured fighting vehicle’...

By Thomas Basan

Tactical and Technical

Losing our Vision – Blinded by the Smoke

An article on Artillery Intelligence to encourage its return to the RAA.

By Albert Finnsson

Tactical and Technical

The Emergence of Combined Technologies: Establishment of a Combat Tracking Unit

Is it time for the Australian Army to have a tracking unit? David Berrill has looked at past Post Operational Reports (POR) and he thinks that the evidence is there to more than justify a dedicated...

By David Berrill