Tactical and Technical

Tactical and Technical

Signature Management in Accelerated Warfare | Close Combat in the 21st Century

Do we have an advantage over our adversaries when it comes to tactical signature management? Dan Skinner explores what we could be doing better.

By Dan Skinner

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Preparing the Combatant of the 21st Century

Under the guidance of Accelerated Warfare, the Combined Arms Training Centre have re-examined the way Army delivers Initial Employment Training for Army's combatants. This article explains the...

By John Spencer

Tactical and Technical

Inculcating Vehicle Husbandry within a Motorised Battalion

With the motorisation/mechanisation of six of the seven RAR battalions, vehicle maintenance conducted by the infantry soldier has become prevalent. This article examines the correlation between...

By Samuel Gardner

Tactical and Technical

The Land Based Trauma System

On Ex TALISMAN SABRE 2019, the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion and elements of the 17th Brigade conducted a live walk-through talk-through of the Land Based Trauma System.

By Kane Wright

Tactical and Technical

Military Data Analytics: ‘It is the question that drives us’, or at least it should be

David Lynch and Richard Armitage explore how data analytics, regardless of vehicle type, can inform commanders on where they might be carrying risk to assist in them applying appropriate levels of...

By David Lynch

Tactical and Technical

For a Strong Step Forward

An ADFA trainee's perspective on the need to introduce junior leaders to the realm of biotechnology.

By Lachlan Mahon

Tactical and Technical

Army's BMS Mess

In this article, Damien de Pyle argues that Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 has shown that BMS is in need of some significant changes if the Army is to hit its digitalisation goals.

By Damien de Pyle

Tactical and Technical

Plan KOTINOS: A Way Forward

Chris Sylvia has concerns about the current structure of the PTI trade. In this article he outlines how it can be improved.

By Christopher Sylvia

Tactical and Technical

Weak and Unreadable: Suggestions for the Army's Comms Problem

Lance Corporal Kristian Wynn leads the way with the first entry for the TS19 Writing Competition.

By Kristian Wynn

Tactical and Technical

The Battle Field Clearance Team

Experienced Company Sergeant Major Jason Jackson outlines some of the lessons learnt by Bravo Company 1 RAR while they were training to be the Battlefield Clearance Team.

By Jason Jackson