Tactical and Technical

Tactical and Technical

Slow down! Some analysis and recommendations on improving G Wagon driver safety in Army

Forces Command’s Incident Manager, LTCOL Brendan Robinson, has an important message on G Wagon safety as we ramp up to the Joint Warfare Series.

By Brendan Robinson

Tactical and Technical

Effects–Centric Warfare: Across the spectrum of conflict

Jason Selman draws on his experiences working with the US Army's 7th Infantry Division during Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019 to write on Effects-Centric Warfare.

By Jason Selman

Tactical and Technical

Combat Behaviours

Combat Behaviours, a new Army initiative, seeks to sharpen your Combat Mindset and engrain your individual Combat Skillset.

By Training Systems Branch

Command Post

Writing your PAC Statement – A Warrant Officer’s Perspective

“Your PAC Statement is the most intently read item of your dossier. It is your personal voice” – CMA

By Jai Wright

Command Post

Operations Sergeant: The Job, The Myth, The Legend

This article will cover the Operations Sergeant (OPS SGT) role within a battlegroup preparing to take on the responsibility of the Ready Battle Group (RBG).

By Nick Korfias

Tactical and Technical

The Battlefield Clearance Team

In this article Matt Johnson talks about how different combat services support elements can work together to form efective battlefield clearance teams.

By Matthew Johnson

War Room

Our Eye in the Sky: Integrating E-7A Wedgetail and the Combat Brigade

“Defend from Above” – 42 Wing mottoIntroduction

By Pietro Ruggeri

Tactical and Technical

Tactical Art in Future Wars via War on the Rocks

"The flurry of self-congratulatory prose emerging from multi-domain warfare literature tod

By The Cove