Innovation and Adaptation

Chief of Army's Award for Instructional Excellence

Instructor of the Year for 2020, SGT Joshua Foster, shares his experience and provides useful tips for all our instructors to modernise Army's training approach.

By The Cove

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Qui Bono? Expected Utility Theory in Training Exercises

This brief article provides a case for using utility theory models to enhance training acitivities.

By Christopher Lake


The Imperative Need for Suicide Awareness and Intervention Training for Defence Members

Adam Smith delivers the case for Defence making suicide prevention training a mandatory part of the curriculum.

By Adam Smith


Enhancement of Army combat techniques through non-ballistic ranges and man marking rounds in high accessibility training systems

This article expands on previous discussions on developing and maintaining Army shooting capability by suggesting the use of alternative training grounds and equipment.

By Dan R


Smart Soldier - The Science of Learning

In this article from Smart Soldier edition 54 we look how the brain works and the controlling reaction to sensory input as well as the storage of information.

By Army Knowledge Centre


Preventing Trailer Disconnects

Do you know how to prevent trailer disconnects? See some tips from Jonathon Kain on how to keep you safe on the road but are also lessons that can be transcribed across many Army functions.

By Jonathon Kain


ASLO - Simulation Progress Update

An update on the Army School of Logistic Operations' training transformation work.

By Nitin Biswas


Who is Instructing: You or Your PowerPoint?

'One of the most important considerations when using a PowerPoint presentation is the planning of how it is used to support the lesson, not drive the lesson'. Siobhan McSweeney encourages instructors...

By Siobhan McSweeney


#ICYMI - We are on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

The Cove Podcasts explore aspects of PME within the Australian Army in an accessible and convenient format. There's something for everybody currently available. 

By The Cove

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SAS Australia - Does being ranked against your peers work?

Tackling the emotive topic of peer rankings; Brody Hannan argues they are as much a test of the team as they are of the individual.

By Brody Hannan