The Buddy System is No Buddy of Mine

Is the buddy system the most effective way of avoiding negligent discharges? Jack W. Klein looks at some of the psychology involved and gives some insight on why negligent discharges continue to...

By Jack W. Klein


Blended Learning - Understanding the Concept

Nileshni Karan explains what blended learning is and explores how the Australian Army is integrating blended learning into our training system.

By Nileshni Karan


Turning green: becoming an SSO in the Australian Army

In this article Matthew Williams takes us on his transformational journey from Mr Williams to LT Williams.

By Matthew Williams


Cove Thoughts - Episode 1: Do you speaka my language?

In this episode of Cove Thoughts, we examine language training within the Army and explore new ways in which our people can gain language skills.

By The Cove


Are Logistics and Health Elements Enabled to be Future Ready?

Robert Cuttler examines how the Sustainment Brigade supports the Combat Brigades through the Force Generation Cycle, and how logisitics and health are missing out on their own enablers to train and...

By Robert Cuttler


Reflections on the First Katari War

Joint Warfighting Assessment 19 was a major wargaming exercise held in the US last year. In this article, Grant Shottenkirk uses the scenario to identify tactical, technical and organisational...

By Grant Shottenkirk


Preparing the Reinforcing Battle Group

This article highlights some of the lessons learned by Battle Group Jacka during Ex Talisman Sabre 19. The author hopes it will improve the generation, insertion and capability of future Reinforcing...

By James Eling


The 2nd Lieutenant – a necessary development pathway for Part-time officers

Doug Laidlaw argues that the re-introduction of the rank of 2nd LT for army officers who commission through the Part Time Officer Commissioning Course would enable a structured learning pathway for...

By Doug Laidlaw


Drone Use at the Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

Headquarters Forces Command has issued the 'DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus' UAS to units across the command, this short video showcases just how the Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy are...

By The Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy


The Shared Warrant Officer and Senior-Non Commissioned Officer Experience and All-Corps Soldier Training

What do we want from our senior soldiers? Callum Waite examines analysis of instructor experiences at the Army's Warrant Officer and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Wing at Canungra.

By Callum Waite