They Told Me I Should go to Rehab And I Said No, No, No!

In today's article Ebony O'Brien takes us on her long rehabilitation journey.

By Ebony Obrien


Bring the Others Back: Building Warriors in 1 RAR’s Yard

In June this year, Dylan Brown informed us on Trenchline that the First Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) are transforming the existing 1 RAR Assault Pioneer yard into a training...

By Dylan Brown


Empowering Non-Commissioned Officers to Become Experts

In this article Darren Murch asks the question, 'Is the Australian Army doing all it can to empower it's NCO's to be expert trainers.

By Darren Murch OAM


Close Combat Shooting: Training to Evolve

This short article will examine how Close Combat Shooting can enhance our competitiveness in the struggle for life on the contemporary battlefield.

By Robert Munro


So You Think You Can Escape Injury

In this article Ben Groth talks about how we all can prepare and deal with personal injury.

By Benjamin Groth


Tips From Victorious Duke of Gloucester Cup Section Commanders

In this article we get some tips on how to win the Duke of Gloucester Cup.

By Benjamin Katz


Training Enhanced Combatants

In this article David Caligari & Chris Wetherell in form us of the new Combatant Training Continuum being undertaken at the School of Infantry.

By Chris Wetherell & David Caligari