Blended Learning - Understanding the Concept

Nileshni Karan explains what blended learning is and explores how the Australian Army is integrating blended learning into our training system.

By Nileshni Karan


Turning green: becoming an SSO in the Australian Army

In this article Matthew Williams takes us on his transformational journey from Mr Williams to LT Williams.

By Matthew Williams


ANZAC Day 2020

This year, we will need to consider other ways to commemorate Anzac Day. Here are a few suggestions for how you can still uphold the long held tradition of remembrance on this special day for all...

By The Cove


Cove Thoughts - Episode 1: Do you speaka my language?

In this episode of Cove Thoughts, we examine language training within the Army and explore new ways in which our people can gain language skills.

By The Cove


How are you thinking in the COVID 19 world?

In this timely article, David Guthrie accepts that some of us may be feeling anxious at this time and gives some options that may get us feeling a little better.

By David Guthrie


Conditions of Service | Reflections on 16 years of service in the Army

In this powerful and very personal article, Julian Hohnen shares his reflection on sixteen years of service in the Army.

By Julian Hohnen


Leadership - Developing the Emotionally Intelligent Soldier

In this article, Jai Lawther examines how our soldiers are trained and developed as junior leaders and asks, is it enough?

By Jai Lawther


Are Logistics and Health Elements Enabled to be Future Ready?

Robert Cuttler examines how the Sustainment Brigade supports the Combat Brigades through the Force Generation Cycle, and how logisitics and health are missing out on their own enablers to train and...

By Robert Cuttler


Life is hard. Keep yourself S.A.F.E.R

Leaders today have the opportunity to guide and influence others in the skills, knowledge and attitude required for a successful soldiering in the profession of Arms. Haydn Parsons believes this...

By Haydn Parsons


Are we forgetting our history?

In this opinion article, Todd Snowden discusses his view on how some Army units could be forgetting their history.

By Todd Snowden