Becoming the brush turkey: The role of balance, congruence, and competence on the path to leadership (2021 Cove Competition)

This 2021 Cove Competition entry lays out a model for leadership centred around reflection and a long-term view.

By Kathryn Ames


Reflections on Psychological Rank (2021 Cove Competition)

This 2021 Cove Competition entry introduces the concept of psychological rank and how it relates to being a leader within Army.

By Bryn Smith


Training Violence, Teaching Emotional Intelligence: Dichotomies in the Modern Warfighter (2021 Cove Competition)

5th place in the 2021 Cove Competition entry is all about using emotional intelligence to navigate difficult decisions Army personnel are faced with.

By Madison Lang


Do Something!! (2021 Cove Competition Winner)

This 2021 Cove Competition entry speaks of combatting risk aversion, overthinking, and laziness by taking an action-forward stance, seeking to DO as a priority.

By Sean Gwynne


Reflections on Learning to Lead with Moral Courage (2021 Cove Competition)

This 2021 Cove Competition entry implores leaders to develop and practice their moral courage to become a more valuable asset.

By Claire Withrington


Will the Real Army Leaders Please Stand Up | Grounded Curiosity

Have you ever worked for a bad leader? Do others view you as a bad leader? What do you think looks right when it comes to leadership?

By Kelly Dunne


The Slouch Hat

The Slouch Hat is known and respected around the world and across the Australian community. Members should be proud to wear it and do so on every possible occasion.

By Mark Grigg


Servant Leaders: Can we survive and thrive in the military?

Servant Leadership is a style that emphasises empathy and investment in subordinates, and this article explains why this style might be particularly well suited to leading Reservists.

By Gabrielle Hendry


JNCO QME: Edition 9 - Alcohol Misuse

Have you ever woken up after a big night of drinking worrying what you had done the night before?

By The Cove


Nationalism and Globalisation - Old Fashion Patriotism in The Age of NATO

With the rise of nationalism as a potential threat to our global relationships, it is important for soldiers to understand the importance of these partnerships for Australia and Army.

By Lewis Benbow