Maintaining Army Combat Power: Injury Management

In this article Ben Groth looks at what the chain of command needs to think about when it comes to injury Managment.

By Benjamin Groth


Close Combat Shooting: Training to Evolve

This short article will examine how Close Combat Shooting can enhance our competitiveness in the struggle for life on the contemporary battlefield.

By Robert Munro


Personal Leadership

In this article Rebecca Conway talks about Personal Leadership, and gives some advice on how we all can be better.

By Rebecca Conway


'15 Things Mattis Taught Me About Real Leadership'

In this short article via Task and Purpose, Joe Plenzler a retired Marine Corps officer, shares the lessons on leadership that he learned from Marine General James Mattis.

By The Cove


So You Think You Can Escape Injury

In this article Ben Groth talks about how we all can prepare and deal with personal injury.

By Benjamin Groth


Leadership within Australian Army Cadets

This article about the Australian Army Cadets (AAC) is from Cadet Under Officer Mahala Karan who talks about her experiences, leadership and what the AAC has done for her as a person.

By Mahala Karan


Senior Soldier Talks: Episode One, Regimental Sergeant Major - Army

In this podcast, Corporal Julia Whitwell the Regimental Sergeant Major – Army, Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane.

By The Cove


Tips From Victorious Duke of Gloucester Cup Section Commanders

In this article we get some tips on how to win the Duke of Gloucester Cup.

By Benjamin Katz


Training Enhanced Combatants

In this article David Caligari & Chris Wetherell in form us of the new Combatant Training Continuum being undertaken at the School of Infantry.

By Chris Wetherell & David Caligari

Unit PME

'Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II' by George MacDonald Fraser

Want a good book to read, have a look at 'Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II'. This book review by Ben Gray will give you a good idea what it is like.

By Benjamin Gray