Soldiers' Fives

Leadership Principles

In this short video, Brad Percy discusses the practical application of leadership.

By The Cove


Army Values: Compartmentalised or Integrated?

Do we as members of the Australian Army live our Army values? This is the question Ricky Su has for us in this interesting article.

By Ricky Su


Australian Army Cadets – Australia’s most enduring Hearts and Minds Military Campaign

How much do you know about the Australian Army Cadets? If you want to know more, have a read of this article from Tara Bucknall.

By Tara Bucknall

Unit PME

Leadership Lessons from ‘Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World’

An interesting and easy-to-use section-level PME package.

By The Cove


Lightweight Handheld Mortars: A Suitable and Effective Platform to be Organic to Rifle Platoons

Debate regarding provision of a lightweight mortar for employment within rifle platoons of the RAR has increased in the current decade.This article continues the discussion.

By Joshua Tschiderer


Spiritual Fitness Within the Profession of Arms

How is your Spiritual Fitness? Chaplain Michael Pocklington gives us a Spiritual Fitness guide in this article.

By Michael Pocklington


Exercise One Standard: Preparation for Subject One for Corporal Course

Exercise One Standard is the assessment that occurs on day one of all Subject One promotion courses.

By The Cove


The Best Mentors Ask These Eight Quesitons via Fast Company

This link to 'Fast Company' is about what questions mentors should be asking.

By The Cove


Improving Training: 1 RAR's Immersive Training Centre "The Yard"

In this article Dylan Brown gives us an insight into the 'The Yard' 1RAR's newimmersive combat training centre.

By Dylan Brown


What's Your World View? - Understanding Purpose as a Resilience Tool

In this article Phil Riley puts to us that we need to understand our purpose in order to be better.

By Phil Riley