The 2nd Lieutenant – a necessary development pathway for Part-time officers

Doug Laidlaw argues that the re-introduction of the rank of 2nd LT for army officers who commission through the Part Time Officer Commissioning Course would enable a structured learning pathway for...

By Doug Laidlaw


Drone Use at the Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

Headquarters Forces Command has issued the 'DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus' UAS to units across the command, this short video showcases just how the Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy are...

By The Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy


The Shared Warrant Officer and Senior-Non Commissioned Officer Experience and All-Corps Soldier Training

What do we want from our senior soldiers? Callum Waite examines analysis of instructor experiences at the Army's Warrant Officer and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Wing at Canungra.

By Callum Waite


Transforming ICT Support to Army Training

As Army transforms it's training, Gordon Terry explores how a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept could transform how Army delivers ICT capability to the classroom.

By Gordon Terry


Setting the Standard – Patrolling is not Combat Shooting | Grounded Curiosity

Another relevant and insightful post from Grounded Curiosity, this time on individual patrolling techniques. Are you ready to observe and engage the enemy before they do the same to you?

By The Cove


The Jungle Book

This article, written by an instructor at Jungle Training Wing, explores how the Army can improve its ability to operate in the jungle.

By Nick Korfias


‘And yet its stream ran through my heart’ | The Warrant Officer

Continuing our week of remembrance, this link from 'The Warrant Officer' provides a moving recount of one of the defining points of his life.

By The Cove


Symbols of Remembrance

When she was asked to speak at her niece's school, Tara Bucknall decided to talk about some of the symbolism around Remembrance and what they mean to Australians. This article is a transcript of her...

By Tara Bucknall


Australia's Unknown Soldier

On this day of remembrance, please take a minute to read former Prime Minster Paul Keating's powerful and striking eulogy for Australia's Unknown Soldier.

By The Cove

Command Post

A Brigade Commander’s Expectations of Unit Commanding Officers – A Brief Primer

In this brief primer, Commander 3rd Brigade provides his expectations of unit COs within a combat Brigade.

By Scott Winter AM