Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing? A leadership reflection.

Mick Janssen reflects and asks what lessons and leadership can he harness to prepare him for sub-unit command. A must read for pre-command (at any level) appointments.

By Mick Janssen

Leadership & Ethics

QME Edition 4 - Moral Values

Do you have the moral courage to stand up for the beliefs of another serving member?

By The Cove


Why Understanding Yourself and Others as a Leader is Important

In this article Laura Hando reflects on the leadership development opportunities created in a holding troop/platoon.

By Laura Hando


LINK | Get off Their Backs! A JNCO’s Guide to Avoiding Micromanagement |The Army Leader

Do we micromanage our soldiers and should we have more trust in what they do in order to let them think for themselves?

By The Cove


ICYMI-How do we win the next war?

How do we win the next war? It is argued through developing the Army's intellectual capacity.

By The Cove


CAAL: Podcast series Episode #6 - Critical thinking and contributory dissent - Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM

A willingness to see alternate perspectives, good communication and emotional intellengence are key to enhancing critical thinking and contributory dissent. How are you, as leader and follower,...

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership


Navigating Terrain Analysis Part 1: The benefit of incorporating enemy analysis into terrain analysis

The Military Appreciation Process is a long and arduous process. Here, MAJ Hagerty looks at the process and breaks it down to help streamline this important task.

By Luke Hagerty


Reflection: ADF Support to Local Communities on ANZAC Day

As support requests for community support on ANZAC Day are being tasked out, LTCOL Marcus Luciani reflects on a memorable interaction with a small country community.

By Marcus Luciani


Reflections of a First Year Sergeant

Want to be a great Corporal and prepare yourself for SGT? SGT Carlos Barrera has some great reflections on his first year as a SNCO.

By Carlos Barrera


Centre for Australian Army Leadership | Podcast series #5 | Dr Jemma King - VUCA Environments and Psychological Safety

How does our emotional intelligence help us navigate through group life to become a formidable fighting force? Here, Dr Jemma King and LTCOL Sam Padman discuss how emotional intelligent leaders use...

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership