Soldiers' Fives

Aide Memoire: The CONOPs Backbrief

This handy aide gives you a guide to the style of brief utilised to communicate the CONOPS to a superior, to staff or to the commander of a flanking unit.

By Tom McDermott


Steps Towards Making Good Better

In this paper, Warrant Officer Miller briefly outlines the science of how students of the profession of arms learn and teaching methods that will lead to a stronger level of retained knowledge and...

By Tom McDermott


Recruiting, Retention and Cultural Change

In This paper, Warrant Officer Coggan to discusses how to increase recruitment, continue cultural change within the Defence Force, and retain the diverse populace in order to further strengthen...

By Michael Coggan


Questions for an Instructor

In the first of a series of podcasts, WONCO-A talks to Sgt Gillespie, one of the instructors on Subject 1 for Sergeant.  Hear his view on what makes a good instructor, and his top tips for...

By The Cove


Leadership: Under the Enhanced Career Management Model

This paper discusses leadership and the three levels of leadership as defined by Army.

By Anthony Hogan