Orders Delivery

Dan Ellis thinks that the delivery of orders at the tactical level is not often given enough attention. What do you think?

By Dan Ellis

Unit PME

'Pegasus Bridge' by Stephen Ambrose

A video review by Steen Bisgaard.

By The Cove


ID-ROC-Walk: a structured approach to rehearsals under time pressure

Mark Montague knows how at platoon and troop level rehearsals are vital but can be hard to execute under time pressure, he proposes a simple, structured approach to rehearsals.

By Mark Montague

Unit PME

LWP-G 7-1-2: The Instructor's Handbook

This handbook provides instructors with the tools and guidance required to successfully deliver training.

By Army Knowledge Centre

Unit PME

A quick introduction to the Defence Library Service (DLS)

Defence Library Service is fantastic! Use it or it will fade away!

By Vicky Osborn


Honest and accurate performance appraisal reporting

In this latest podcast SGT Duncan provides tips and advice on why and how to complete an honest and accurate performance appraisal

By The Cove


Combat Shooting Battle Lane

In this video link, Trent Barlin-Butler demonstrates how a team of motivated individuals with a good imagination have come together to improve range design and create the combat shooting battle lane.

By The Cove


Move, Shoot, Communicate, Innovate #1: The V-Twin effect

In this 'Part One' article, Chris Elles looks at the accelerating threat from commercial off the shelf (COTS) technologies.

By Chris Elles


In the Brew Room

'In the Brew Room' is the second podcast in the 'Leadership in Focus' series by Jason Moriarty.

By Jason Moriarty


Understanding the Enemies Mind

This Grounded Curiosity article promotes OPFOR TEWTs to help us understand how the enemy fights and thinks.

By The Cove