One Loose Cable: Why the 5th Generation Army Needs a Corps of Combat Communicators

In this article, Richard Morgan discusses the age of network centric warfare, implementation and training, the difference between signallers and communicators, the current patchwork of communications...

By Richard Morgan


Barracks Reports and Returns

David Caligari thinks that the secret to success in barracks: act like in the field.

By David Caligari


Soldier Combat Systems: Marathon Targets

Soldier combat systems have been rapidly evolving to enhance our ability to close with and engage the enemy, in this article Jack Westhorpe looks at the marathon targets.

By Jack Westhorpe


6 TED Talks on the Benefits of Failure

This series of 6 TED talks on 'The Benefits of Failure' offers great insight on how to turn a negative experience into an opportunity to grow and succeed.

By Vicky Osborn


Authentic Leadership

In this first podcast we discuss 'Authentic Leadership' and dive into what it means for junior leaders, how to apply it and tips to improve yourself as a leader.

By Jason Moriarty


Stryker Mounted Counter-UAS Laser System

This video from 'Defense and Security Web TV' shows an operational test of a General Dynamics Land Systems laser weapon.

By Tom McDermott


So You’ve Decided to Use PowerPoint …

Are you putting too much infomation onto your PowerPoint slides? This short article may have some points for you.

By The Cove


#ICYMI: Leadership - Are You There Yet?

The word 'leadership' means many things to many people. So, what does it mean to you?

By Sean Ransome


What is Modern Military Leadership? A Primer via Grounded Curiosity

In this link, MAJGEN McLachlan is Commander Forces Command. In this short article, he articulates why he believes Army's leadership style needs to evolve in order to be able to communicate with and...

By The Cove