CTC Live Fight to Win Series - Leadership

CTC Live analyses two historical examples of leadership to show how trust, understanding, and risk are fundamental elements of effective leadership at the tactical level.

By Trent Lamb


Link | Learning to Lead - the Hard Way |The Army Leader

Is learning from our mistakes the best way to learn? David Griffiths from the UK Army thinks so.

By The Cove


CTC Live Fight to Win Series - Initiative

Success in an engagement is often decided by initiative, here are some historical examples and analysis in this paper released by CTC Live.

By Jacob Malouf


CTC Live Fight to Win Series - Communicating the plan

What good is a plan if you can't communicate it? This paper released by CTC Live explores some of the methods of improving in-field communication.

By James Woodcock-Smith


Cove Challenge: 'I wish I had known that...'

What do you wish you would have known earlier in your military career? Have a look at what your senior soldiers wish they knew earlier in their careers.

By The Cove


Preventing Trailer Disconnects

Do you know how to prevent trailer disconnects? See some tips from Jonathon Kain on how to keep you safe on the road but are also lessons that can be transcribed across many Army functions.

By Jonathon Kain


Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing? A leadership reflection.

Mick Janssen reflects and asks what lessons and leadership can he harness to prepare him for sub-unit command. A must read for pre-command (at any level) appointments.

By Mick Janssen

Leadership & Ethics

QME Edition 4 - Moral Values

Do you have the moral courage to stand up for the beliefs of another serving member?

By The Cove


Why Understanding Yourself and Others as a Leader is Important

In this article Laura Hando reflects on the leadership development opportunities created in a holding troop/platoon.

By Laura Hando


LINK | Get off Their Backs! A JNCO’s Guide to Avoiding Micromanagement |The Army Leader

Do we micromanage our soldiers and should we have more trust in what they do in order to let them think for themselves?

By The Cove