Think Street, Train Sport

In this article, Nicholas Pratt informs us on how the Army can use the Integrated Combat Centres to enhance unit training in order to maximise individual and unit likelihood of success in combat.

By Nicholas Pratt


The Leap

A personal reflection to assist you in transition as part of the Army Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and Warrant Officer Commissioning Scheme.

By Joseph Moormann


Is stoicism an appropriate philosophy for the military?

In this article Pascal Price explores stoicism to discover if it is appropriate for members of the ADF.

By Pascal Price


COVID-19 and the Australian Army

This article seeks to contrast the ways in which Sir Douglas Mawson and the ADF dealt with isolation and adversity, as well as make recommendations for the ADF as it transitions back to normalcy.

By Special Operations Command


Cove Challenge | Army's future FORGEN in 100 words

The 100 word Cove Challenge is officially closed. Army HQ and HQFORCOMD summarise the outcomes from this activity and detail the highlights from the challenge.

By The Cove


Developing Army’s shooting capability - A Response

Members of the RMC-D Small Arms Training Team respond to a recent article about the constrains of weapon training in the Australian Army. A great read, back up by sound evidence, on how we are...

By Mark Bain


What does leadership look like after COVID-19?

Darren Murch looks at five trends that he believes are contributing to changing human behaviour and how leadership will be affected by these trends.

By Darren Murch OAM


Developing Army Shooting Capability through Superior Training Techniques

In this experience-based article, Peter Bowles suggests that we change the way we conduct and assess ‘combat shooting'.

By Peter Bowles


Evolution of Royal Marines Commando leadership training

The Cove is proud to be a part of a broad network of PME organisations and today's article is the first in a series from the Command Wing of the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. The article...

By Command Wing | Commando Training Centre Royal Marines


Metacognitive Dragons; An Argument in Favour of Human Centric Information Operations

Chris Lake provides insight into how the Training Adversary System Support Cell (the team introducing DATE) are building the Information Operations Network to 'hand craft the core human network which...

By Christopher Lake