Building the Future Ready training system

ASLO is transforming the suite of logistics officer courses (SOLOC) to enable logistic planners within the accelerated digitised environment. Army now needs to optimise the interwoven learning path...

By David Hindmarsh


A reduction in residential logistics - increased flexibility for your CO or undermining logistic capability?

The Suite of Logistics Officers Courses (SOLOC) has changed, Matthew Chapman agrees that it had to change; however, he has a different plan.

By Matthew Chapman


Writing Competition | Simplifying Army: Training Transformation at a Sub-Unit Level

McLeod William Wood shares some efficiencies in training at the sub-unit level.

By McLeod William Wood


Writing Competition: A Discussion on how the BFA must be a gateway to graduation from Kapooka

Conor Fitzgerald suggests that there are many reasons why passing a BFA to graduate from Kapooka is an important step for every new soldier.

By Conor Fitzgerald


Land Combatant Continuum

The Land Combatant Continuum provides the structure that will see the Combined Arms Training Centre realise training transformation in a coherent and coordinated manner; enhancing Army’s land...

By Combined Arms Training Centre


Is Army ready to go Mobile?

This article aims to provide thought-provoking content about Mobile Learning and argue the associated advantages of its employment.

By Matthew Ciszewski


E-learning and modernisation in Army: not just for distance courses

Tim Coleman explores how the Army is taking up E-learning and looks at what more can be done.

By Tim Coleman


SNCO Leadership Day | UK Centre for Army Leadership

On 24 Sep 2020, the UK's Centre for Army Leadership launched their inaugural SNCO Leadership Day. Amongst a suite of distinguished officers, SGT Ben Katz's spoke to SNCO leadership from an Australian...

By The Cove

UK Centre for Army Leadership


Army School of Logistic Operations - Better Utilising Technology for Career Development and Beyond

Nitin Biswas takes us though how the instructors at ASLO are updating the training using technology.

By Nitin Biswas


Microcredentials for Increased Learning Agility in Accelerated Warfare

In this short read, Malcolm Woodside outlines how the Army can increase the agility, simplicity and capacity of its Future Ready Training System.

By Malcolm Woodside