CoveTalk | NAIDOC Week with RSM NORFORCE

This special NAIDOC Week CoveTalk was with RSM NORFOCE, WO1 Ken Nelliman.

By The Cove


‘Slow Down’ – A Response by the CO of the Army School of Transport

The Commanding Officer of the Army School of Transport provides a response to our recent article on driver safety.

By Sally McClellan


A New Approach to Collective Training - Lessons Drawn from Sport and Music

As TALISMAN SABRE 19 ramps up, this pertinent Friday Long-Read looks at the purpose of collective training.

By Thomas Basan


Role Models and Vulnerability | The Army Leader

In this link to The Army Leader, Richard Clark talks about the importance of role models.

By The Cove


A Nomad by Profession Meets the Reality

In this article we join Captain Kathleen Pisani on a voyage of self discovery.

By Kathleen Pisani


Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program (AACAP) 2018 – Yalata, South Australia

In this article, posted as part of The Cove's NAIDOC Week celebrations, Holly Godwin gives a personal account of the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program, a major annual deployment which has...

By Holly Godwin


Clean Slate without Prejudice?

To continue our NAIDOC week celebrations here at The Cove, we have an article from Captain Peter Ross, the Indigenous Liaison Officer at Forces Command, on the 'Tribal Warrior' program. This is a...

By Peter Ross


Training and Education Transformation at the School of Infantry

Director Professional Military Education answers the burning question "What's all this Spinifex stuff?" with an overview of how a new approach at the School of Infantry is driving training...

By Fiona Curtis


The Importance of Multi–Skilling Unit Quartermaster Personnel

Faith Miller writes on the importance of multi-skilling unit quartermaster soldiers in the lead up to the merging of ECNs to ensure they are building a resilient, adaptive and contemporary trade.

By Faith Miller


The Power of Humility

Being a humble leader in the changing leadership environment

By Darren Murch OAM