SAS Australia - Does being ranked against your peers work?

Tackling the emotive topic of peer rankings; Brody Hannan argues they are as much a test of the team as they are of the individual.

By Brody Hannan


Learning and Leading through Collaboration

Essential reading for RMC cadets, young officers and Platoon Sergeants. Chris Thorburn shares his most important lessons as a Platoon Commander.

By Chris Thorburn


Along the path of training modernisation

Ben Kreis gives us an insight into the training advances at the Geospatial Intelligence Wing (GIW) of the Defence Force School of Intelligence (DFSI).

By Ben Kreis


Leadership vs Management

Army states that it wants leaders, not managers. In this article Chris McDougall argues that management and leadership aren’t two ends of a spectrum; they are complementary lines of effort that all...

By Chris McDougall


Modernisation of Defence Music Training

Glenn Rogers, the Commanding Officer of the Defence Force School of Music explains how his unit has developed a very successful ‘blended’ strategy suitable for the Total Workforce System.

By Glenn Rogers


Writing Competition: Making the CSST 'Manoeuvre', in order to survive and generate operational tempo

CSSTs have long operated with CSSB tactics. They are slow and cumbersome and therefore moving a CSS node requires significant time investment. Robert Gibson has some other ideas.

By Robert Gibson


Building the Future Ready training system

ASLO is transforming the suite of logistics officer courses (SOLOC) to enable logistic planners within the accelerated digitised environment. Army now needs to optimise the interwoven learning path...

By David Hindmarsh


A reduction in residential logistics - increased flexibility for your CO or undermining logistic capability?

The Suite of Logistics Officers Courses (SOLOC) has changed, Matthew Chapman agrees that it had to change; however, he has a different plan.

By Matthew Chapman


Writing Competition | Simplifying Army: Training Transformation at a Sub-Unit Level

McLeod William Wood shares some efficiencies in training at the sub-unit level.

By McLeod William Wood


Writing Competition: A Discussion on how the BFA must be a gateway to graduation from Kapooka

Conor Fitzgerald suggests that there are many reasons why passing a BFA to graduate from Kapooka is an important step for every new soldier.

By Conor Fitzgerald