Seven ideas for Leadership beyond COVID-19

Major General Chris Field gives us seven ideas on how the ADF can lead our way beyond COVID-19.

By Chris Field


The 21st Century ANZAC: Today’s Soldiers in Context

The Commander of 1st Division / Deployable Joint Force Headquarters, MAJGEN Jake Ellwood, shares his thoughts on the modern Australian Army soldier.

By Jake Ellwood


Leadership for the profession of arms – Good Soldiering with a capital L

In this compelling read, John Pickett OAM contends that leadership underpins the success of Good Soldiering and requires us to know and develop our people. John goes further and proffers a solution...

By John Pickett OAM


Avoiding musculoskeletal injuries during and post isolation

In this article Emma Williams give some advice on how to avoid musculoskeletal injuries following an extended time-out from training.

By Emma Williams


“Are we tac or non-tac?” - Overcoming the inconsistency of the ‘semi-tac’ working environment

James Fagg is frustrated by the inconsistencies in expected tactical behaviours. He proposed some ground rules that can easily be incorporated into orders so that soldiers know what is expected of...

By James Fagg


Reflection from an RSM

Jason Moriarty has had some time to reflect on his last two years as the Regimental Sergeant Major of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. In this honest and informative article he shares his lessons learnt...

By Jason Moriarty


The Buddy System is No Buddy of Mine

Is the buddy system the most effective way of avoiding negligent discharges? Jack W. Klein looks at some of the psychology involved and gives some insight on why negligent discharges continue to...

By Jack W. Klein


Blended Learning - Understanding the Concept

Nileshni Karan explains what blended learning is and explores how the Australian Army is integrating blended learning into our training system.

By Nileshni Karan


Turning green: becoming an SSO in the Australian Army

In this article Matthew Williams takes us on his transformational journey from Mr Williams to LT Williams.

By Matthew Williams


ANZAC Day 2020

This year, we will need to consider other ways to commemorate Anzac Day. Here are a few suggestions for how you can still uphold the long held tradition of remembrance on this special day for all...

By The Cove