Unit PME

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The Major and Sergeant Major Leadership Team (Part 1)

The first installment in 3 Brigade's educational program.

By 3rd Brigade

Cove Talks

Brilliant at the Basics with Don Spinks

In the Cove's second Cove Talk, we hear from Regimental Sergeant Major - Army, Donald Spinks who talks about what it takes to be a leader of soldiers.

By The Cove

PME Resources

Professional Development - What's in it for Me?

TRADOC PME Investigation Paper Number 4 addresses the importance of individual 'buy-in' to the professional development process

By Claire Von Wald

PME Resources

Web 2.0 Technologies and Army Learning

The author provides examples of how to blend Web 2.0 technologies into face-to-face instruction

By The Cove

PME Resources

Learning from 'The Junior Officers’ Reading Club'

A guide for an individual or collective PME activity based on this book.

By Claire Von Wald

PME Resources

Training in a Diverse Classroom

This article provides some points to consider when instructing culturally diverse groups

By Sylvain Garagnon

PME Resources

Army Reserve Officer Cadet IMAP and TEWT Revision

A link to the Forcenet page that supports revision and extension of IMAP and TEWT skills.

By Aaron P. Jackson


Developing a Combat Mindset: Army Combatives Program

Learn about the background and implementation of this new program.

By Andre LeMasle