Unit PME


Emotional Resiliency and Mental Toughness

A handy video from SEALFIT on regulating your emotions and performing under pressure.

By Michaele Bond


Future Operating Environment 2035

This document aims to accelerate and deepen thinking about force planning across Defence.

By Army Knowledge Centre

Reading for War

The Truth in Fiction: An Interview with Mike Bond

Link to a 'From the Green Notebook' interview with this author.

By Vicky Osborn

Unit PME

Reading Lists Available on the Defence Protected Network

More support from the Defence Library Service team.

By The Cove


Putting the Human Adversary into Professional Military Education

Develop battlefield intuition by wargaming against friends and colleagues.

By Mark Mankowski


A Quick Introduction to...Kriegsspiel

A look at the origins of wargaming and its utility today.

By Vicky Osborn


Night Patrol Incident

Practice post H-Hour decision-making with this quick decision exercise from the team at CAL.

By Vicky Osborn


Response - The Under Utilised Opportunity

The author encourages us to consider the moral component of fighting power

By Dan Cassidy

PME Resources

The Value of Professional Military Education

The author consider the value of PME in the context of mastery of the Profession of Arms

By Kevin Ashford-Rowe