Unit PME


What are the Physical Requirements of the Modern Battlefield?

Physicality is an enduring feature of warfare. But what does this mean in the 21st century battlespace?

By Calen Thomas


Thespian Officers, Narratives and Planning

Reinforcing the utility of wargames to develop the skill of visualising the enemy, friendly forces and terrain.

By James Davis


Should Army Also Talk about Post Traumatic Growth?

Challenging situations help to develop individuals. Can you also 'grow' following trauma?

By Tim Robinson

PME Resources

The Development of Professionals

TRADOC PME Investigation Paper No 1 is a comparison between civilian and Army professional development

By The Cove


Preparing Recruits for Success

Read about how 5/6 RVR prepared individuals for the Reserve Recruit Training Course.

By Paul Middleton

PME Resources

MOOCs - Improve your Professional Mastery by Learning Online

A list of suggestions for MOOCs to enhance your professional development.

By Vicky Osborn


LWP-G 3-9-6: Operations in Urban Environments

This publication lays down the fundamentals, tactics, techniques and procedures for all soldiers conducting operations in urban environments.

By Army Knowledge Centre