Unit PME

Cove Talks

Strength & Conditioning Panel Discussion

The September 2018 CoveTalk features a panel experts live from the Australian Institute of Sport.

By The Cove

Reading for War

Defence Force School of Intelligence Reading List

A starting point to expand your existing knowledge on the disciplines taught at DFSI.

By The Cove


Explaining the New 'Range Orders' Doctrine

A video featuring COMD FORCOMD & CSM FORCOMD.

By The Cove


New Range Procedures as of the 30th September 2018

The LWP-G -3 Range Orders Series has been updated. Follow the links in this article.

By Army Knowledge Centre

PME Resources

Takistan Raid

Plan a platoon or section raid with this quick decision exercise from the team at Smart Soldier.

By Army Knowledge Centre


Wellness of our Leaders

How can leaders enable, support and care for each other while enhancing organisational fighting power?

By Chris Field


Fostering a Culture of Post-traumatic Growth

Do we need to think more about psychological preparation for operations?

By Chris Johnson


Measuring Resilience in the Australian Army

We all agree that resilience is important, but how do we measure it?

By Emily Chapman