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How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned

Link to a Doctrine Man tip on an article by Popular Mechanics.

By The Cove

Cove Talks

Instructor of the Year 2017

The May 2018 CoveTalk features Corporal John Kuttner, who was named as the Instructor of the Year for 2017.

By The Cove


LWD 3-0-5 Security Force Capacity Building

Six weeks after conducting a Building Partner Capacity Seminar Army has released a new Land Warfare Doctrine (LWD) publication on Security Force Capacity Build

By Army Knowledge Centre

PME Resources

Your Guide to Understanding and Adapting to Different Learning Styles

In this article via Cornerstone University's 'Lifelong Learning Matters' blog, author Brianna Hansen explains how an understanding of learning styles can assist educators develop lessons that cater...

By The Cove

Cove Talks

Operation South Discovery: A JFAO like no other

April 2018's CoveTalk features Wing Commander Ben Cullen, and discusses Australian operations in Antarctica.

By The Cove


Block Periodisation for Tactical Populations

A detailed article on how to better develop our soldiers as tactical athletes.

By Ash Zimmerlie

Reading for War

Electronic Warfare (Historical Learning) Reading List

Recommended reading that covers the historical use of SIGINT, and conduct of SIGINT operations.

By Mark Wilson

PME Resources

Ethics: What We Can Learn From the Case of SGT Blackman

Readings and discussion points for unit PME activities.

By Sally Graham

PME Resources

Why I write... And Research

Dave Beaumont's view on the importance of thinking and writing for professional development.

By David Beaumont

Cove Talks

How to host a CoveTalk

Are you keen to host a CoveTalk in your mess or unit? Here's how the Gallipoli Barracks Officers’ Mess does it.

By Cameron Porter