Unit PME

Reading for War

2018 Reading List from CO 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

This list targets soldiers; section, platoon and company command teams; and battalion principal staff officers.

By Ben McLennan

PME Resources

Cold Weather Operations

A collection of resources for delivering unit PME.

By The Cove


Defining the Contemporary Veteran

Another great piece from the team at Grounded Curiosity

By Claire O'Neill

PME Resources

Learning from 'Black Hearts'

A step-by-step guide for a unit or mess PME activity using Jim Frederick's book.

By Claire Von Wald

Reading for War

'Reviewing The Direction of War & Strategy: Context and Adaptation'

Check out this link to Chris Field's book review on The Strategy Bridge.

By Chris Field

Cove Talks

Developing High Performing Teams

NQLD Cowboys CEO, Greg Tonner, delivers the March 2018 CoveTalk.

By The Cove

PME Resources

Assessment Within the Military Environment

This article from Kiven Ashford-Row looks at athentic assessment.

By Kevin Ashford-Rowe

PME Resources

Two Reasons Military Professionals Must Write – Education & Humility

Chris Field believes that professional writing is just as important as professional reading.

By Chris Field