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Reading for War

Book Review | Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War

Darren Cronshaw reviews Joan Beaumont's WWI history, Broken Nation, which he argues 'not only maps the tides of battle for Australia’s involvement overseas in the Great War but also offers page-...

By Darren Cronshaw

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A Response to: Two Birds with One Stone

Chris Bulow responds to Two Birds with One Stone by Richard Morgan. While he agrees with much of Richard's article, he argues that there is merit in not constraining PME topics too heavily in units....

By Chris Bulow

Reading for War

Smart Soldier Issue 56

Smart Soldier is a tactical publication from the Army Knowledge Group. The latest issue covers timeless patrolling lessons from the Korean War, a series of articles on CBRND, the first of a two part...

By Army Knowledge Centre

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Two birds with one stone: Can Professional Military Education better support a future Army?

Professional Military Education (PME) is a relatively new concept in the Australian Army that was introduced through the Ryan Review in 2016. In this article, Richard Morgan argues that the Army...

By Richard Morgan

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iRest Workshop

In April we conducted a special CoveTalk featuring Dr Richard Miller who presented his iRest Workshop at Legacy Chambers in Sydney.

By The Cove

Unit PME

The Best Musical Theatre for PME

Why a Pom believes a musical about the American revolution holds the key to effective PME

By Joe Read

Unit PME

Book Review – Zeno and the Tortoise: How to Think Like a Philosopher

Zeno, the Tortoise and the Generals: How Western philosophy empowers modern military professionals

By Brenton Realph

Military History

The value of doing your own research for Professional Military Education

We should be looking at our own past to help better ourselves today.

By Duncan Foster