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Future Operating Environment

Sometime In The Future

Through its short story told from the perspective of a vehicle commander, this article refocuses the discussion of the future battlefield away from the technology itself somewhat to explore what it...

By Luke Hagerty

Future Operating Environment

Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre

Did you know that Defence has a Cooperative Research Centre that helps to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industry? See what they are working on and also...

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Digital Adaptation / Human Transformation

"The role of futurists is not to predict one particular future scenario, but to help prepare for multiple future scenarios." What are the potential futures for the Australian Army?

By Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Innovation and Adaptation

Manu et Mente: Synthesising Arts with STEM for More Effective Information Operations

Christopher Lake provides an introduction to the concept of applying an arts-based understanding of different peoples in order to enhance interactions with both allies and adversaries throughout the...

By Christopher Lake

Future Operating Environment

The Future Battlefield: What Impact Will Railguns Have?

This article serves as a quick primer to the technology of rail guns and their implications, just as land-based applications are coming into focus.

By Bruce Cameron

Infographic containing 3 diagrams of railguns.

Future Operating Environment

STEM Theme Opening

The Cove is launching into all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Keep abreast of the this rapidly changing field of expertise.

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

‘Kill the enemy, and don’t forget to buy milk on the way home’ - Preparing for the ethical challenges of remote operations in the ‘Forever Wars’

Our modern 'Forever Wars' and the increased use of remotely piloted aircraft combine to create a unique psychological impact on operators. This article examines these effects and what needs to be...

By Jo Brick

Model of the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper at announcement of its selection at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

Future Operating Environment

Link | Sustaining Machines – Logistics and Autonomous Systems

Automation is looking more and more like the future of military forces, so here we have two articles on logistics automation that address how autonomous logistics can be exploited by military forces.

By The Cove

An Australian soldier using a remote control to operate a 4-wheeled vehicle carrying oil cans.

Future Operating Environment

Drone Wars, AI and the Future of Unmanned Battlefield Systems

Contemplating on the future of unmanned battlefield systems and AI, this article takes a critical look at how Western militaries may be failing to keep up with how these technologies are changing and...

By Jonathan Grim

An artistic representation of AI. A blue human head containing circuits, on a star-filled background.

Innovation and Adaptation

Developing Unconventional Long Range Strike Capability for the ADF – Part 2

This second part of a two-part feature examines how lessons from the Houthi's unconventional use of UAVs could be integrated by the ADF.

By Major T

Samad-1 UAV in flight, pictured from below