War Room

War Room

ALTC Fiction Competition Winner: Email of a Medic - 2035

The Australian Defence Force is modernising rapidly. Emerging technologies and operating methods present a range of opportunities to significantly enhance capability.

By Nick Alexander

Innovation and Adaptation

Military Police Operations

Lessons from Hamel 18 on Military Police operations within the amphibious environment

By Paul Davy

Innovation and Adaptation

Military Police Dog Teams

Lessons from Hamel 18 on the use of Military Police Dogs within an amphibious force

By Christopher Genn

Contemporary Operating Environment

Can Humanitarian Action Remain Principled in Challenging Times?

This article, written for The Cove by the International Committee of the Red Cross, examines whether humanitarian actions can remain principled in modern conflicts.

By Emily Defina

Innovation and Adaptation

Preface: a CO's Introduction

An introduction to articles by 7 CSSB soldiers & officers about their Hamel 18 experiences

By Steven Cleggett

Innovation and Adaptation

Putting the Team into CSST

Lessons from Hamel 18 on integrating discrete specialist capabilities into one cohesive element

By Timothy Willis

Innovation and Adaptation

The Future of Army Logistics

An insight from Hamel 18 into the capabilities today's logistic elements are employing

By Colm Lister

Innovation and Adaptation

Combined Arms Live Fire Activity

The experience of 7 CSSB participating in a combined arms all arms call for fire activity on Hamel 18

By Brooke O'Neill

Innovation and Adaptation

Move, Shoot, Communicate - Not Yet

On Hamel 18 the challenges to 7 CSSB employing Move, Shoot, Communicate with Land 121 were identified

By Grace Amey

Future Operating Environment

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Army’s Intellectual Preparation for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

 “I’m certainly questioning my original premise that the fundamental nature of war will not change. You’ve got to question that now.

By Daniel Lee