War Room

Innovation and Adaptation

The Amphibious Beach Team

Lessons from Hamel 18 on rapid beaching, unloading and turnaround of landing craft

By Jack Jones

Innovation and Adaptation

Cognitive Warfare

Cognitive warfare is the fight we've got and we must reorientate to meet this challenge.

By Emily Bienvenue, Zac Rogers & Sian Troath

Innovation and Adaptation

Crawl, Walk, Run...Sit

An Army Combat Team's perspective on the journey vs the destination on Hamel 18

By Matthew Jones

Innovation and Adaptation

Building Competition into Training

Lessons the Army can learn from professional sport

By James Cooper-Maitland

Innovation and Adaptation

UAV at Platoon Level

On HAMEL 18 the low level employment of UAVs allowed commanders to exploit opportunities

By Benjamin Grubb

Contemporary Operating Environment

Advise, Assist and Enable in Iraq

It's a human thing - how we supported the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service mattered more than what we did

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Rise of the Air Combat Element

This highly commended Hamel 18 writing competition entry outlines the development of Army Aviation amphibious capability

By James Pidgeon

Contemporary Operating Environment

What Does Assad's Southwestern Offensive Mean for the Future of Syria?

This article by Michael P. Dempsey was published by War on the Rocks and provides an update of current operations in southwest Syria.

By Mick Fry