War Room

Contemporary Operating Environment

Urban Warfare: The Future is Here

Check out this video of (US Army) Major John Spencer's presentation to RMA Sandhurst courtesy of the Modern War Institute.

By Mick Fry

Future Operating Environment

'The Future Autonomous War' with Paul Scharre via Modern War Institute

In this podcast by the Modern War Institute, Paul Scharre talks about autonomy and the future of war.

By Mick Fry

Innovation and Adaptation

'Weaponising Meteorology'

Understanding the environment to optimise the tactical employment of amphibious asssets

By Christie Underwood

Innovation and Adaptation

Becoming the Effective Signaller

Troop Commanders, Regimental Signals Officers and Sub-Unit Commanders share their top tips

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Enhancing Capability Through Diversity

Army needs to balance both parts of the diversity equation - intellectual as well as workforce

By Greg Colton

Innovation and Adaptation

Does Diversity Dilute the Warrior Ethos?

In this Wavell Room article the author argues diversity is not diluting the warrior ethos

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Classroom Gamification

Tips & techniques from the world of video games to improve the traditional military classroom

By Chris Walter

Innovation and Adaptation

Introduction of NASAMS into the Australian Army

Learning from the Norwegian experience as we introduce this new capability

By Joseph Thomas

Innovation and Adaptation

Gamification: Press 'START' to Begin

Using gamification to enhance Army's training

By Callum Muntz