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Future Technologies of War Conference and STEM Theme 2 Closure

You can review all Brisbane Future Technologies of War Conference and Theme 2 STEM content here.

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Developing Unconventional Long Range Strike Capability for the ADF - Part 1

This first part of a two-part feature examines how the unconventional use of UAVs has provided the Houthi with an effective long range strike capability.

By Major T

Remains of a missile used by Houthi forces against Saudi Arabia.

Innovation and Adaptation

CTC Live Fight to Win Series - Combat First Aid

Effective combat first aid reduces the risk to personnel and the mission. This aspect of war is explored through two examples in this paper released by CTC Live.

By Peter Cherry

Future Operating Environment

Anti-Access and Area Denial in the Space Domain (Part 1)

Edwin Betar discusses the principle of Anti-Access as it relates to the Space domain. A subject that includes not only military intervention, but also potential denial of orbits by commercial...

By Edwin Betar

A satellite in space.

Innovation and Adaptation

Powering Defence Force capability: the case for military micro-grids

Defence base energy grids are just as vulnerable as the community to the effects of extreme weather events or malign actors. This team of students from Southern Cross University think they have the...

By Sandra Benson, Kristy Bryden, Greg Colton and Craig Stieler

Contemporary Operating Environment

Minimum-mass tactics in Mali: A way forward for the Australian Army?

As the nature of warfare shifts, Army should re-evaluate the structure of our force. Is there validity in using minimum-mass tactics?

By Zavier Radecker

Innovation and Adaptation

Call for Articles Theme 2: STEM - Future Warfare Technologies

In 2021, The Cove is delivering content in concentrated themes to align with Army's Professional Learning Clusters and broader Army activities. Right now, we're calling for articles on our second...

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

The Cove - Livestreaming 2021 CA Symposium

The Cove is Livestreaming the 2021 Chief of Army Symposium via our website!

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Army's Hybrid Threat (Part Three): Knowing Your Enemy

A timely reminder that whilst Australia enjoys extended peacetime on our shores, the Army needs to consider frames for reality to ensure we are not 'training blind.'

By Daniel Kirkham

Future Operating Environment

Plan CADUCEUS - Modernising Pronto!

Like the rest of the ADF, RA Sigs are modernising their workforce to best deal with the ever changing technologies of the future. Find out how RA Sigs plan on modernising 'Pronto'.