War Room

Innovation and Adaptation

Achieving Permanence in Army's 'Small Skills'

The teaching of small skills and recognising masters as subject matter experts

By David Caligari

Innovation and Adaptation

Smart Soldier 49

Tactical lessons and tips for soldiers to improve their knowledge and expertise

By Army Knowledge Centre

Innovation and Adaptation

Mobilizing for Major War

In this article via The US Army War College Quarterly the authors analyse the current mobilization process of the US Army

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

The Growing North Korea Nuclear Threat Explained

This short video, by Vox News, explains the history of North Korea's ballistic missile program and provides a broad assessment of the 2017 crisis.

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Fighting to Win

This article considers the importance of the tank to the ADF in the 21st Century

By Chris Mills & Leo Purdy

Innovation and Adaptation

Air Power Projection in the Pacific Theatre

In this TS 17 competition runner-up article the author reminds us of the importance of recalling lessons from history

By Jo Brick

Innovation and Adaptation

The Future of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport

In this article the author gives his vision for the RACT of the future

By Solomon Birch

Innovation and Adaptation

Tearing Down the 'Christmas Tree'

The first article in a series that considers the concept of the soldier as a system

By Brendan Gilbert

Contemporary Operating Environment

Everything you Need to Know about the India China Border Stand-off at Doklam

This video, by via Spooks&Dooks, provides an overview of the 2017 stand-off between China and India at Doklam.

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Move, Shoot, Communicate, Innovate #3

In this third article the author looks at military innovation maxims

By Chris Elles