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Innovation and Adaptation

Rebuilding the Fourth Wall

What role does multimedia play in training our soldiers and how can we use it to create intense and realistic training? Read on to find out how the Army is employing multimedia now.

By Christopher Lake

Contemporary Operating Environment

Op COVID-19 Assist - Lessons learnt from JTG 629.2

Lessons Learnt - the value of a lesson is more powerful when shared, understood and applied by many. Reflecting on Op COVID-19 Assist, this article identifies some things worth remembering when...

By James Eling

Innovation and Adaptation

The Training Modernisation Sprint at DFSS - What we have learnt and is it worth it?

2020 was a year like no other for DFSS. The Melbourne COVID situation forced them to innovate and change for the better.

By Caleb Sinclair

Innovation and Adaptation

The Tank Capability of the Future

The MBT conundrum: what might be the characteristics of the direct fire support capability that eventually replaces our Abrams?

By Bruce Cameron

Innovation and Adaptation

Learn to Code – Skills and Equipment for the 2030 CER

Thomas Tilque thinks the skills the Sapper of 2030 will need will be very different to the ones they have today......

By Thomas Tilque

Innovation and Adaptation

Military Technology? You’re the Wrong Person to Ask

Judging technology’s advance is tricky – particularly if you have experience!

By Mike Kalms

Future Operating Environment

War machines: Can AI for war be ethical?

On 24 Feb 20 the US Department of Defense (DoD) announced a number of ethical guidelines as they continue to develop AI for battlefield use. In this article Aaron Wright looks at how four schools of...

By Aaron Wright

Contemporary Operating Environment

Multi-Domain Operations – 16 REGT RAA PME Session

Adam Other-Gee writes about some PME that 16th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery conducted this year about Multi-Domain Operations.

By Adam Other-Gee

Future Operating Environment

Writing Competition | An Artillery Brigade

In this Cove 2020 Writing Competition entry, Pietro Ruggeri looks at a possible future of the RAA.

By Pietro Ruggeri

Future Operating Environment

Objective Force 2028

In a recent Cove article ‘Autonomous Weapon Systems for the Land Domain’, Peter Milani talked about Autonomous systems / human teaming and what it may look like. This short fictional story from Paul...

By Paul Dehnert

2028.......Not that far away.....