War Room

War Room

Our Eye in the Sky: Integrating E-7A Wedgetail and the Combat Brigade

“Defend from Above” – 42 Wing mottoIntroduction

By Pietro Ruggeri

Innovation and Adaptation

Army Training System Transformation

The Australian Army needs a ‘Training Transformation’.

By Ben James

War Room

Operation MATILDA IV – Cavalry Operations as Part of Brigade Manoeuvre in the Year 2029

  ‘Cavalry is useful before, during, and after the battle’ - Napoleon Bonaparte

By Josh Higgins

War Room

Accelerated Warfare, Presented by Brigadier Ian Langford, DSC and Bars

Here is the latest from the Australian Army Research Centre Seminar Series:

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

Moneyball and Small Wars

Have we been thinking about warfare the wrong way all along?

By Gareth Rice

Future Operating Environment

Strategic Scripts, Accelerated Warfare, and One Hundred Words for the Australian Army

I’ve spent the last year as the Chief of Staff of the Australian Amphibious Task Group, and I’m often asked the same question by young Army officers and soldiers that I work with: how amphibious sh

By Tom McDermott

Innovation and Adaptation

The 2018 Lavarack Papers

The Lavarack Papers have historically been a table top book compiling the best essays and papers written by Officers and Warrant Officers from across the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regi

By Jess Ward

Contemporary Operating Environment

Wi-Fi Over Water: Misplaced Priorities in the American Way of War

Should we be seeking out WiFi at the same time as establishing a reliable water supply? This article, via the Modern War Institute, argues that combat soldiers are not ready for the harsh realities...

By The Cove