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Innovation and Adaptation

Are we ready for machines to learn and make decisions for us? | The Forge

In this article from 'The Forge', Jasmin Diab asks (and answers) some poignant questions about machine learning and its use by the military.

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

The Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the ADF

Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS, have almost become synonymous with ISR. However, Chris Baillie argues UAS platforms can provide so much more capability to the ADF, if only we fully exploit them.

By Chris Baillie

Future Operating Environment

Future Fires | A New Approach to Understanding Offensive Support

In this article, Greg Colton agues that viewing procurement through the cost of effect, rather than the cost of capability, not only leads to better value for money but forces the Army to examine how...

By Greg Colton

Future Operating Environment

Link | Strategic Army: Developing Trust in the Shifting Landscape

This article, from the Joint Force Quarterly, examines the changing operational environment and how trust is a targetable critical vulnerability within the cognitive battlespace.

By Emily Bienvenue and Zachary Rogers

Future Operating Environment

Link: What chess can teach us about the future of AI and war

In this article, published in War on the Rocks, Andrew Lohn argues that chess has been teaching military strategists the ways of war for hundreds of years and has been a testbed for AI development...

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Specialist Troop Mobility and Sustainability Support to the Multi-National Joint Task Force

In this article, Joseph Sorrensen examines how Specialist Engineer Troop’s niche capabilities can provide mobility and sustainability support to the Multi-National Joint Task Force (JTF) within a...

By Joseph Sorrensen

Contemporary Operating Environment

Building Partner Capacity | Perspectives from Iraq

Dan Solomon challenged four of his Corporals to write a short reflection piece on Building Partner Capacity at the end of their tour on Task Group Taji IX. The results make for interesting reading...

By Task Group Taji

Contemporary Operating Environment

The Launch of the Forces Command Plan 2020-2028

MAJGEN Chris Field gives an overview on the outcome of his 100 day assessment of Forces Command. Contains links to the Forces Command Plan 2020-2028 (DPN and open source).

By Chris Field

Contemporary Operating Environment

Synchronising Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects in High Intensity Operations | Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019

This article highlights lessons learnt by the 3rd Brigade's Joint Fires and Effects Coordination Centre (based on 4th Regiment, RAA) whilst participating in the US-led Joint Warfighting Assessment...

By Paul Duncan

Innovation and Adaptation

Improving the sensor-shooter link for an Army in Motion

This article is in reply to Jason Kirkham's recent submission to The Cove on Fighting with Fires. Braden Holmes has provided a solution to expanding observation of fires training throughout the...

By Braden Holmes