War Room

Contemporary Operating Environment

The Battle of Marawi: Small Team Lessons Learned For the Close Fight.

 In May 2017, Islamist insurgents swarmed through the city of Marawi, taking the population of 200, 000 hostage and announcing it as a new ‘Capitol’ for Islamic State in South-East Asia.

By James Lewis

Future Operating Environment

Timing is Everything

An entry in the 2018 ALTC Future Fiction Competition.

By Eamon Hamilton

Innovation and Adaptation

BMS-D: The Missing Link

Is a dismounted battle management system the circuit breaker Army needs to be able to truly realise mission command and the manoeuvrist approach? Ben McLennan thinks so.

By Ben McLennan

Future Operating Environment

ALTC Fiction Competition: RAEME FRT - 2038

An entry in the 2018 ALTC Fiction Competition.

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Training to Fight 'Jungle Warfare'

A contemporary perspective on how we 'train and fight' in the jungle environment

By Emlyn Mordike

Innovation and Adaptation

Seasoning with SALTT

The Missing Ingredient From the ADF’s Casualty Evacuation Plan?

By James Savage

Future Operating Environment

In Drones we Trust

An entry in the 2018 ALTC Future Fiction Competition

By Gregory Smith

Innovation and Adaptation

A Platoon Commander's Lessons

An example from Hamel 18 of a junior commander working in a combined arms team

By Gabriel Mead

Innovation and Adaptation

SALTT For Your Wounds?

A Future Possibility for ADF Casualty Evacuation in the Forward and Tactical Environments

By Ben Butson & David Cooksley