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Future Operating Environment

Logistics of the Light Horse Regiment: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

Brad Roos puts up an argument for examining past campaigns to help shape future logistics support to modern armoured units.

By Brad Roos

Innovation and Adaptation

Unpopular Ideas From Across the Ditch | Grounded Curiosity

Tim Jones, the former Deputy Director Defence Excellence (Innovation) New Zealand Defence Force, looks at the traps of chasing the continuous stream of new innovation in this two-part article from...

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Chief of Army Response: 2030 Australian Army

The Chief of Army provides his response to the 100 word challenge set by Tom McDermott on what you think the Australian Army should look like in 2030.

By Rick Burr

Innovation and Adaptation

Collective Training Transformation: the application of the Training Management Framework

Director Joint Land Collective Training provides an update on training transformation and outlines the changes contained within the Army Training Management Framework.

By Bede Galvin

Contemporary Operating Environment

Paradigm shift: Understanding propaganda in the digital age | The Interpreter

Influence operations in the digital age are not merely propaganda with new tools. Now conducted across the whole of society, we are only at the beginning of a new era of population-centric...

By Zac Rogers, Emily Bienvenue & Maryanne Kelton

Image from The Interpreter

Innovation and Adaptation

Creativity is the Difference

The freedom to explore creative solutions presents opportunities not possible when following a routine approach. In this article, Darren Murch discusses the value of creativity and how it can...

By Darren Murch OAM

Future Operating Environment

Enhancing Army’s Robotic and Autonomous System Strategy

In October 2018, the Army released its Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Strategy. While this is an important step forward, the pace of technological advances means the Army needs to explore and...

By Kieran Galea

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Cyber Warfare: A hypothetical integrated approach

There is little doubt we live in a digital age. The birth of the internet in the 1980’s has revolutionised the way and the speed, in which we send, receive and process information.

By Ben Hussell