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A new reflective journal app AVAILABLE NOW!

By The Cove September 17, 2020

Army’s Reflective Journal is now available as an App in store! Download yours today.

Reflective Practice is the foundation upon which your learning should be considered and periodically reviewed. Through this process, you will validate your thinking, adapt and evolve considerations as circumstances, awareness or technologies change. You can complete the Reflective Practice unit in COVE +, Army’s Professional Development Program hosted on ADELE(U).

Individual hard-copy Reflective Journals have been distributed to Army locations around Australia to support, guide and structure the start to your Reflective Practice. If you don’t have one already, these are available to collect from your local Army Education Centre.

Alternatively, you can now download the Army Reflective Practice app from the App Store for iOS or on Google Play Store for Android devices. Get yours today!



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