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About Us

The Cove is the Australian Army’s professional military education (PME) platform. The Cove facilitates access to resources and events relating to the profession of arms. It also encourages user participation that shares personal views, knowledge and experience. The Cove is designed to connect Defence members to a professional network in order to share expertise, contest ideas and promote continuous learning.


The Defence community contains a wealth of knowledge and experience that we seek to promote and share with each other. We encourage anyone, not just members of the Australian Army, to ‘Make a Submission’ to the professional discussion by sharing their ideas with us. Your active participation may bring about organisational change. Be sure to review our submission guidelines before submitting. 

If you would like a more active role in facilitating Professional Military Education across Army get in touch with us through the 'contact us' button or email at

Leveraging the experience of each… accelerates the learning of all.


Cove+ offers a library of tertiary-level units, hosted on ADELE(O:S). Units have been developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology to ensure learning is credible, current and challenging. The units are open to all serving members of the ADF and APS. As a self-paced program, users can engage anytime, anywhere, at no cost. Cove+ delivers units across our five main themes.

  1. The Art and Science of Thinking
  2. The Art and Science of War
  3. Leadership, Ethics and Society
  4. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  5. Organisational Management, Projects and People

Cove+ is supported by our Reflective Journal App (available on iOS and Android) to assist in creating a habit of reflective practice. This is important as Reflection gives you an opportunity to pause, sort through information and experiences and create new meaning from your learning.