From the colonial military forces to the formation of the Australian Army following Federation, Australian soldiers have served with distinction in numerous conflicts. Notable conflicts in our military history include the Second Boer War, the First and Second World Wars, Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, Vietnam War, and more recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Cove has proudly brought to you the animated history of Australia’s involvement in the Gallipoli Campaign, Battle of Beersheba, and Kokoda Campaign.

Gallipoli – At dawn on the 25th of April 1915, the ANZACs landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula as part of a British campaign to seize control of the Dardanelles. The landing and subsequent operations on the Gallipoli peninsula are etched in our national consciousness – events in which our Army played a central role. The Gallipoli Campaign was a formative part of Army’s history and our national heritage, now synonymous with the Anzac legend

Beersheba – As dusk fell on the 31st of October 1917, the 4th Light Horse Brigade – bayonets in hand – launched a horseback charge to seize control of the crucial town of Beersheba from the Ottoman Empire. This successful cavalry charge heralded the beginning of the end for Ottoman control of Palestine, and ensured the name of Beersheba would be forever remembered in Australian history thanks to this daring cavalry charge.

Kokoda – Between 21 July and 13 November 1942, fighting against Imperial Japanese forces, Australian soldiers twice traversed the Kokoda Trail – an arduous route across the rugged jungle terrain of Papua New Guinea. This hard-fought campaign in some of the worst conditions experienced by Australian soldiers ensured the name Kokoda a special place in the Anzac legend.

The sacrifice and achievements of the Army units involved in these battles earned recognition with a battle honour, honours that live on in the Australian Army even today. What lessons can we draw from these events? Each of our animated videos is matched with a companion video to highlight range of tactical, strategic, and leadership lessons that are enduring in the contemporary profession of arms.

The Cove is looking forward to releasing more Battle Honours animated videos in the future. The Battle Honours Series – commemorating the history, honouring the memory, and learning from the lessons of Army's greatest moments.