Here at The Cove we believe that PME is like a workout for your brain. We also believe that physical fitness goes hand in hand with PME to build an intellectual edge. This year we are combining PME and physical fitness with our Mind-Body series.

The Mind-Body series contains carefully curated fitness PME to train your brain and your body. We’ve compiled fitness related PME to improve your performance and non-fitness related PME to keep your mind active and engaged while you work out.

We have three sections in the Mind-Body series.

We’ve engaged with some of the Army’s best PTIs and mental health professionals to put this series together and we hope you use it to its full potential to develop yourself mentally and physically. 

Coming Events

The Cove sponsors a number of Army events to help train mind or body. Interested in receiving support for an event like this? Get in touch with The Cove at to find out more.

July 2024: Strength & Conditioning Competition at AACAP

This competition will run for participants at the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme that is currently underway in the First Nations community of Amata. The Cove is pleased to provide a range of prizes. Best of luck to all participants.

August 2024: Commander’s Fitness Challenge at Lavarack Barracks

This challenge is part of a series of team events happening at Lavarack Barracks, and The Cove is proud to be supplying some prizes. Get in touch with the PTI team if you want some hints on how to prepare.

August 2024: Soldier On in Canberra

The 2024 Soldier On event is just around the corner, and The Cove will be supplying a wide variety of prizes. Talk to the PTIs at Russell Offices to find out more.