ICYMI-How do we win the next war?

How do we win the next war? It is argued through developing the Army's intellectual capacity.

Unit PME

The Highest Honour #14 | Tom Derrick | Mark Donaldson

The actions of Tom Derrick could have seen him win multiple awards for heroism, an absolute hero who, by his actions put Australian Forces on the front foot multiple times, while few words can do justice to Mark Donaldson's journey to becoming one of the few living national heroes.

War Room

Call for Articles Theme 2: STEM - Future Warfare Technologies

In 2021, The Cove is delivering content in concentrated themes to align with Army's Professional Learning Clusters and broader Army activities. Right now, we're calling for articles on our second theme - Future Warfare Technologies from the STEM learning cluster.


ASLO - Simulation Progress Update

An update on the Army School of Logistic Operations' training transformation work.

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Break In

Centre for Army Leadership Podcast (UK) - Eddie Jones

This podcast is from the British Centre for Army Leadership who were fortunate enough to sit down and talk with the infamous Eddie Jones.


Centre for Australian Army Leadership | Podcast series #5 | Dr Jemma King - VUCA Environments and Psychological Safety

How does our emotional intelligence help us navigate through group life to become a formidable fighting force? Here, Dr Jemma King and LTCOL Sam Padman discuss how emotional intelligent leaders use their intelligence to communicate, listen and cooperate to create effective and robust teams.


Centre for Army Leadership Podcast (UK): WO1 Sarah Cox

Learn from the high and lows of the UK's first female Command Sergeant Major, WO1 Sarah Cox.


Centre for Australian Army Leadership | Podcast Series #3 | WO1 Grant McFarlane

Regimental Sergeant Major of the Australian Army, Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane, OAM discusses role clarity and its important in developing effective leadership teams.



Over to you Convoy Commander

Your unit has decided it’s going to use the training range on the other side of the country for your next exercise.

By Michael van Zuylen

Tactical and Technical

Writing your PAC Statement – A Warrant Officer’s Perspective

“Your PAC Statement is the most intently read item of your dossier. It is your personal voice” – CMA

By Jai Wright


Friends and Partners

From the Green Notebook

From The Green Notebook was created to provide a platform for leaders to help each other by sharing lessons learned: lessons that come from our own green notebooks.

Break In

Australia's Offset and A2/AD Strategies

This article by Colonel Ian Langford examines Australian strategic thinking in the Asia Pacific.

Friends and Partners

The Dead Prussian Podcast

The Dead Prussian Podcast aims to explore war and warfare through discussion and analysis of military theory, historical events, contemporary conflicts, and expert interviews.


Link | Leading Reserves | The Army Leader

Another quality leadership article from one of the top 200 leadership websites.