Communication and Planning and on the Job Learning - A Junior Officer's Reflection

A junior officer reflects on the importance of communication and on the job learning.


Important Leadership Attributes of Junior Officers

This article expands on Army's five values and how they relate to junior leadership.

Command Post

Reigniting Career Motivation: A Junior Officer’s reflection on how the Total Workforce System can increase retention.

This article describes the benefits and process of attaining part-time service in the Army, especially as an alternative to discharge.

Break In

Learning Data at the Speed of War

This article describes how this era of warfare will require adaptation and how leadership needs to enable that.

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CAAL Podcast Series Episode #7: The Role of the Director General Army Leadership - Brigadier Ana Duncan CSC

In this CAAL Podcast we hear from Brigadier Ana Duncan, CSC on her role as Director General Army Leadership.


CAAL Podcast Series Episode #4: VUCA Environments and Psychological Safety - Dr Jemma King

How does our emotional intelligence help us navigate through group life to become a formidable fighting force? Here, Dr Jemma King and LTCOL Sam Padman discuss how emotional intelligent leaders use their intelligence to communicate, listen and cooperate to create effective and robust teams.


CAAL Podcast Series Episode #3: Role Clarity and Developing Teams - WO1 Grant McFarlane

Regimental Sergeant Major of the Australian Army, Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane, OAM discusses role clarity and its important in developing effective leadership teams.



Chief of Army's Award for Instructional Excellence

Instructor of the Year for 2020, SGT Joshua Foster, shares his experience and provides useful tips for all our instructors to modernise Army's training approach.

By The Cove

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Responsibility, Accountability and Culpability – Three Cognitive Pillars to guide command comprehension and decision making

A senior officer shares on the cognitive pillars they have used to guide their command and decision making process.

By Michael Scott


Unit PME

Smart Soldier - The Battle of Grik Road WW2

The battle of the Grik Road was fought between British and Japanese forces in north-central Malaya over the period 16-23 December 1941.


Smart Soldier - Leadership for the Profession of Arms - An Unlimited Liability

The unlimited liability contract is a concept that is not readily shared amongst members of the Australian Army. This article will draw on considerations for why this has occurred in Army.

Unit PME

Interview with Natalie Sambhi: Getting to know the Indonesian Military

This is an interview with Natalie Sambhi on a subject she is an expert on: the Indonesian military.

Unit PME

RUSI 2021 Seminar - Island Australia: Improving Resilience in a Rapidly Changing Region

With a long list of distinguished speakers, be sure to put a placeholder in your diary to tune in to The Cove to watch the RUSI NSW 2021 Seminar.