The Cove relies on contributors to generate a large portion of its content.  Any author with 10 or more published submissions is given the coveted title of 'Cove Frequent Contributor'.* Click the links below or browse the series pages to the right to see the collected works of The Cove's current Frequent Contributors. 

Major General Chris Field Major General Chris Field, DSC, AM, CSC
MAJGEN Field serves in Headquarters Australian Defence Force. He has commanded at all levels from platoon to the Australian Army Forces Command.
WO1 Darren Murch Warrant Officer Class One Darren Murch, OAM
WO1 Murch is appointed as the Command Sergeant Major of Forces Command.
MAJ Robert Gibson Major Robert Gibson
MAJ Gibson is currently a member of the Cove Team in a part time capacity.
Chaplain Darren Cronshaw Chaplain Darren Cronshaw
CHAP Cronshaw has served at Army School of Transport, Puckapunyal, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, Kapooka and Defence Force School of Signals.

*Note: if you are a part of the Cove Team you find yourself writing for The Cove more regularly than usual, and it's generally a directed task. So, if you get published while working in Cove Team, you only get .5 of a credit towards your Frequent Contributor status.