Robert Gibson is a long-term contributor to The Cove, writing on a range of topics and sparking conversation amongst Australian Army members. Rob is most passionate about human resources, organisational culture, leadership and change management theory. His writing aims to evoke a response in its readers to stimulate discussion and encourage divergent thinking.

Rob has been posted to a wide variety of units including 1st Aviation Regiment, 1st Combat Service Support Battalion, 9th Force Support Battalion, Headquarters Joint Operations Command, and the Army School of Logistics Operations as an Instructor. Rob commanded 3rd Field Supply Company throughout 2020-2021. In 2016, he was deployed to the Middle East as the Operations Officer of Force Support Element Five on OPERATION ACCORDION. He then deployed in 2020 as the Officer Commanding Joint Task Unit 629.2.2 on OPERATION COVID-19 ASSIST, supporting hotel quarantine operations in Victoria. He now works full time in fast moving consumer goods whilst continuing to contribute as a SERCAT 3 member.

LTCOL Luciani presenting MAJ Gibson with his award.

LTCOL Marcus Luciani presenting MAJ Robert Gibson with his Frequent Contributor award


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