This short article outlines why you should contribute to the development of The Cove content and what you can get out of it; whether it be writing articles, sharing PME, or creating any other form of content. Here are some of the reasons why I think you should contribute.

It forces you to read, research and learn

As someone who doesn’t enjoy reading, I find it very difficult to learn through reading if it’s not for a defined purpose. Additionally, as a visual learner I find that I process information most effectively through writing. Although not everyone shares those same learning characteristics, many do. Writing allows you to process information into coherent arguments and lessons. I view writing as the final stage of learning, allowing you to solidify your understanding of a subject.

It’s a great way to problem solve

I find that when I have a difficult problem to solve, my best thinking is done when I’m engaging in menial activities that allow my brain to think. This is often a task like mowing the lawn but could be exercising or reading. We identify and solve problems each and every day of our lives. When you write, you play an active role in documenting possible solutions to the problem. Choosing to write may mean that you’re able to engage your brain in problem solving when you ordinarily wouldn’t. It keeps your mind active.

It allows you to reflect

Whether it be reflecting on your experiences of the past or present, writing allows you to reflect on what has happened and is happening around you. I find that writing allows me to process my surroundings and external environment. Some of my writing has served as therapeutic, while some has been educational.

It allows for differences in opinion to be shared

Group think is avoided when someone is left alone with their own thoughts. Although there is considerable benefit in allowing people to solve problems in a group setting, allowing people to represent themselves individually also has merit. When we share differences in opinion it generates broader debate and increases creativity. This in turn makes us better problem solvers.


Regardless of the reasons above, the development of The Cove content contributes to the profession of arms. Although you should write for yourself and your own reasons, your writing may have far reaching impacts on Army, the ADF and other militaries. I encourage you to set yourself a goal and contribute in some form this year. The result may just surprise you.