Robert Gibson


Major Robert Gibson is currently posted to 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion as Officer Commanding 3rd Field Supply Company. He has been posted to Headquarters Joint Operations Command as a Logistics Planner, the Army School of Logistic Operations as an Instructor as well as Regimental postings to 1st Aviation Regiment, 1st Combat Service Support Battalion and 9th Force Support Battalion. In 2016 he deployed as the Operations Officer for Force Support Element Five. He has recently returned from OPERATION COVID-19 ASSIST where he commanded a Joint Task Unit in support of the Victorian Hotel Quarantine program.  He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Strategic People Management.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

Command Post

Managing our People through the Capability Life Cycle

In this article Robert Gibson argues that our greatest capability, our people, needs to be managed through the capability life cycle as a ‘cradle to grave’ system akin to how we manage other capability acquisitions.

By Robert Gibson


Writing Competition: Making the CSST 'Manoeuvre', in order to survive and generate operational tempo

CSSTs have long operated with CSSB tactics. They are slow and cumbersome and therefore moving a CSS node requires significant time investment. Robert Gibson has some other ideas.

By Robert Gibson

Command Post

Preparing our Stockholding to be Ready in a Post COVID-19 World

Much of the Army's focus is on combat preparedness, but who is thinking about whether our stockholding strategy is adequate to meet our short notice deployment needs?

By Robert Gibson


A Roadmap to the Extinction of the Bystander

Robert Gibson aims to abash those who seek to silence people who speak out.

By Robert Gibson

Break In

Knowing yourself and others as a Leader: Commanding in the digital world

In today's climate of high tech communication devices and platforms, we can sometimes forget that people need time away from their devices to function. In this article, MAJ Gibson writes a narrative that will resonate with many of us about today's high paced, high functioning workplaces.

By Robert Gibson