As the Russia-Ukraine crisis turns into conflict, you could be forgiven for being confused as to how this crisis eventuated and what it might mean for the region and the world. To help you make sense of how we got here, The Cove has assembled some resources to orientate you to the region and the history between these two countries. The resources presented here are recommended for all rank levels and could easily be used to facilitate PME within your units. It contains some great information to visualise the current environment in the region and is highly recommended reading for junior officers and NCOs.

Al these links are open source and give a range of viewpoints. They do not represent the views of the author, The Cove, or the Australian Government. 

Background on the Recent Conflict

  1. BBC News | Why is Russia ordering troops into Ukraine and what does Putin want?
  2. Vox | The increasingly complicated Russia-Ukraine crisis, explained
  3. Vox | Putin's Justification for Military Forces in Ukraine

Russia – Country Information

  1. DFAT | Country Brief – Russia
  2. CIA | World Factbook – Russia

Ukraine – Country Information

  1. DFAT | Country Brief – Ukraine
  2. CIA | World Factbook – Ukraine

Other Information

  1. Britannica | Crimea – History
  2. BBC News | Putin's new Crimea rail link condemned by EU

Further Reading

  1. The Strategist | Tag Archive for 'Russia'
  2. AARC | Spotlight Brief: An Operational Overview of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine February – June 2022