What is Cove+?

To create a future ready workforce able to operate in an era of accelerated warfare, continuous learning and evolution both personally and professionally is required. Cove+ offers you a way to unlock your potential.

Cove+ is a library of tertiary-level units, hosted on ADELE(O:S), which means you can access the content anywhere, anytime and on your own devices. Units vary in length and as a self-paced program – it is you who decides when and how you approach this learning.

There is a wide range of topics which have been developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Every unit has been designed to meet equivalent standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to ensure the learning is credible, current and challenging. Furthermore, a range of media is used to facilitate engaging learning experiences for people who have different learning preferences.

While it is up to you to access and engage with the content - we are confident the diverse offering will appeal to all Army's people and their interests. Launch the video below to hear from our COVE+ enthusiast – Daniel Keighran, VC. 

Cove+ Content

Cove+ units were specifically designed to enable Army’s most important asset – you – to develop your intellectual edge. Cove+ offers you an avenue to improve critical thinking skills in order to solve complex problems within the Profession of Arms.

Cove+ delivers content across five learning areas (or modules):

Different COVE+ courses.

Units include Critical Thinking, Strategy and Security in the Indo-Pacific and Project Leadership and Teams. There are 93 in total and they can be viewed in our handy user guides for learners and supervisors.

Digital Badging – a new way to gain qualifications!

Digital Badges are used by educational and learning organisations as competency-based signifiers of achievement. Now you can achieve a civilian university recognised academic credential, being a Digital Badge from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) through completing any Cove+ unit and passing the test of objectives. 

For a 10 hour course, organisations like QUT often charge over $600 for this type of training and the issue of a Digital Badge.

If your course is an AQF 4 or 5 level course (vocational), you can do a ten question quiz to gain a badge. But be careful, this isn’t Campus course, you need to know the content to pass! If your course is an AQF 6 or 7 level course (undergraduate), then you need to submit an 800 word essay which will be assessed by a QUT lecturer.

Digital Badges are issued within 10 working days of unit completion.

You can share your Digital Badges to your LinkedIn profile, note it on personal CVs, and even include it in email signature blocks. See the examples below of a Cove+ module Digital Badge.

Example of a Digital Badge displayed on a LinkedIn profile

A Digital Badge

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice was used as a gateway unit because it is a foundational skill upon which all learning should occur because through the Reflective Practice process, you will validate your thinking, adapt and evolve considerations as circumstances, awareness or technologies change. This unit is supported by a Reflective Journal, available in both hard copy (sourced from your local Army Education Centre & PME Cell at HQ FORCOMD) and the Reflective Journal App (available on iOS and Android).

Still not sure? Try our Cove+ Compacts

Our Cove+ Compact series are condensed versions of Cove+ units of the same name in an easily accessible video format made with our partner, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Not sure if you want to commence the self-paced unit, or are time poor? Or just looking for a quick primer on a new topic? Get a feel for what our Cove+ units cover in short video.

Contact us

We have developed a comprehensive list of COVE+ FAQs or if you are still searching for answer, email us at the.cove@defence.gov.au. We are here to support your learning journey towards enhancing your Intellectual Edge.