The COVE+ Compact videos are condensed versions of COVE+ units of the same name in an easily accessible video format made with our partner, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Not sure if you want to commence the self-paced unit or are time poor? Or just looking for a quick primer on a new topic? Explore everything from cultural competence to security in the Indo-Pacific. 

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is the foundation upon which learning should be considered and periodically reviewed. The first two COVE+ Compacts are on Reflective Practice. They are a brilliant start to the full Reflective Practice unit on ADELE(U). Through this process, you will validate your thinking, adapt and evolve considerations as circumstances, awareness or technologies change. The recommended time for the unit is 10 hours, but most will move through it much faster. 

Culture to Cultures

QUT's Katie Heath discusses the concept of culture, cultural differences, and how it affects us.

The term culture is used in many different ways. Most commonly it refers to the shared ways of thinking, understanding and behaving that apply to nations or ethnicities, but frequently cultures is a way of speaking about other groups. How many different types of culture are you a part of? This video will introduce key ideas and tools that you can use when you live and work across cultures.

Check out the full COVE+ Silver unit, Culture to Cultures. The unit is designed to develop your knowledge of cultural awareness, including the role media plays in cultural representation.

Thinking Ethically

Do you think ethically? QUT's Alexandra Buckland covers what ethics really are, how they can be morally neutralised, and how we justify our actions. 

Ethical thinking is not simple. It requires the juggling of multiple perspectives and keeping an open mind when circumstances change. A discussion of ethics involves contemplating whether an issue is right and wrong or good and bad. However, all questions of right and wrong or good and bad may not be ethical issues. Confused yet? 

Take a look a the complete version of the COVE+ Gold unit to understand how you make your decisions and what values underlie them.

Psychology of Decision Making

QUT's Katie Heath is back to break down the cognitive processes behind making decisions and the psychological factors that underpin this process.

Decision making is often unconscious yet integral to our roles within Army and the ADF. The majority of these decisions are intuitive, but regardless of whether you are making an intuitive or deliberate decision, you are likely following the same cognitive pathway. Understanding the psychology behind this cognitive process can aid in identifying biases, improve your heuristics, and improve your decision cycle.

After more? There is a self-paced COVE+ Silver unit on the same topic.

Security & Strategy in the Indo-Pacific

What to learn about strategy and security in the Indo-Pacific region? QUT's Dr Peter Anderson discusses the Indo-Pacific as both a place and an idea. 

The Indo-Pacific is considered an integrated system, being a a centre of global economic activity, military expenditure, and strategic competition. The concept and region has increasing significance in the geopolitical context and especially to Australia.

Check out the full COVE+ Silver unit to learn more about Australia's region. It will help you understand the concept of the 'Indo-Pacific', the security issues challenging Indo-Pacific nations, great power geopolitics, and the strategies that may be necessary to maintain a free, stable, and secure Indo-Pacific region.