In the second COVE+ Compact video, Queensland University of Technology's Alexandra Buckland covers what ethics really are, how they can be morally neutralised, and how we manage intentions, actions, and justifications. 

Ethical thinking is not simple. It requires the juggling of multiple perspectives and keeping an open mind when circumstances change. A discussion of ethics involves contemplating whether an issue is right and wrong or good and bad. However, all questions of right and wrong or good and bad may not be ethical issues. Confused yet? It is important to understand how you make your decisions and what values underlie them. Do your feelings, traditions, or beliefs have the most influence? Do you act out of guilt? A moral operating system can help you gain clarity and consistency in your way of thinking. Practice using the Defence values to build your confidence and the ethical awareness of your team.

This Compact is a condensed version of the COVE+ Gold unit of the same name in an easily accessible video format. Not sure if you want to commence the self-paced unit or are time poor? Or just looking for a quick primer on how to think ethically? Check out the video below:

After more? Check out Defence Australia's video on 'Military Ethics' below: