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Soldiers doing pull-ups


Featured Workout

This workout comes from the PTIs at the 2nd Commando Regiment, and can be found on the DPN here.

The Stiffler Regime

The Gymnasium has introduced the 'Stiffler Training Regime' which seems to have generated a following. If you think you are too busy to go to the gym the 'Stiffler' will help build up your spindly body and may even give you a chest. All you need is a torsion bar, an improvised mat and one of the many heave beams located around camp. The regime needs to be completed 3 times every working day:

  1. Once before breakfast
  2. Once before lunch
  3. Once before knock off

Ensure that you go through a full range of movement for each exercise. Slow deliberate exercise. As you get stronger the 'Stiffler' will evolve and will be re-published with advanced exercises and an increase in reps.

Start 'Stiffler' regime consists of:

  • 30 Upright Row (Torsion Bar)
  • 30 Military Press (Torsion Bar)
  • 30 Bicep Curls (Torsion Bar)
  • 30 Press Ups (Full Range of Movement)
  • 10 Heaves (Over Grasp)
  • 30 Sit Ups (Abs exercise of your choice)

Each 'Stiffler' will take no more than 5 minutes of your day!

Woman rowing at Warrior Games

Podcasts to listen to while you're working out

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