This section contains a large number of resources that will guide you on how to improve your physical fitness. Each of which have been PTI reviewed and recommended. Don’t waste time trawling through ad-ridden websites asking you to subscribe to fitness apps. Use what is proven to work. It’s like a PTI in your pocket.

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Top five fitness articles as voted by Army’s PTIs

Here at The Cove, we like to use our brains to get the best out of our bodies. So, we polled some of Army’s top PTIs to get their opinions on the best Cove content out there relating to fitness. Below are some of their picks for high quality content to get the best from your body, by using your brain.

Unsurprisingly, our top voted article is one that aims to help you improve your BFA results. This article scored very highly amongst PTIs and looks at ways to improve your 2.5km run or 5km walk. We’ve also grouped it with articles about improving your push-ups and weight loaded march from other authors.

Take a look here- How to Improve your 2.4 km Run or 5km Walk | The Cove

Close behind that article were Smart Soldier: Training Load Management which talks about load management to see noticeable gains whilst protecting yourself from over training and injury, and Article – Army Strength and Conditioning: Program Design Considerations for the Combat Athlete which steps you through how to design your own training program.

Close behind that was Heart Rate Training Zones Explained which contains a single page cheat sheet explaining the heart rate training zones for aerobic activity and Human Performance Profiling for the Combat Operator | The Cove which describes the benefits of using force plate testing analysis to track human performance.

So, there you have it. The top five fitness articles on The Cove as voted on by Army’s best PTIs.