Leadership excellence is vital to the Profession of Arms. Arguably, there is no more important factor in deciding the result of battle, enhancing the welfare of subordinates, or engendering trust from superiors, than excellent leadership. 

The Centre for Australian Army Leadership (CAAL) aims to inform, educate, connect and advance Army’s professional discourse on leadership, character and ethics. They also undertake efforts to optimise Army’s culture and solidify Army as a profession, entrusted by our nation. Our people innovate and develop their leadership ideas across every work environment. Army will reach its potential by harnessing these ideas and sharing our best leadership initiatives across the profession. CAAL doesn’t have all the answers; however, they have reached wide into our Army and civilian professional network to get the best subject matter experts, in order to elevate these initiatives from their organic start points into deliberate improvements to Army leadership.

Even though a podcast is a one-sided medium, it helps in building effective relationships with listeners. It gives the feeling that you, as listeners, know the person speaking. In doing so, helps build trust and encourages you to be associated with what CAAL is trying to impart for Army and our wider listeners. Hopefully, this in turn leads to improved conversation.

The Cove are proud to share this podcast series with you.

  • Podcast 1: Application of Innovation, Risk Tolerance, Opportunism and leading through and beyond failure within the Australian Army – Brigadier Ian Langford
  • Podcast 2: Mission Command – Brigadier Chris Smith
  • Podcast 3: Role Clarity and Developing Teams – Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane
  • Podcast 4: VUCA Environments and Psychological Safety – Dr Jemma King
  • Podcast 5: Critical Thinking and Contributory Dissent – Brigadier Rupert Hoskin
  • Podcast 6 (Part 1): Teaming and Leadership – Lieutenant Colonel Claire O'Neill
  • Podcast 6 (Part 2): Teaming and Leadership – Lieutenant Colonel Claire O'Neill
  • Podcast 7: The Role of Director General Army Leadership – Brigadier Ana Duncan
  • Podcast 8: Social Capital, Trust and Rapid Team Building – Mr Tom Harkin
  • Podcast 9: Vidcast of Leadership Lessons from the Battlefield – Colonel Say, LTCOL Jardine and Major Meany