Centre for Australian Army Leadership Podcast Series

Host: LTCOL S Padman (SO1 Army Leadership)

Guest: Brigadier Ana Duncan, CSC

In this episode of the Australian Army Leadership Programme podcast series, we’re speaking with Brigadier Ana Duncan about her role as the Director General Army Leadership. Brigadier Duncan holds this role whilst also serving as the Commandant of the Royal Military College – Australia. Brigadier Duncan commenced her career as a Signals Corps officer and her regimental experience was in the 1st, 3rd and 17th Brigades, and in the 1st Division. She has commanded troops in Timor Leste, the Solomon Islands and in the Middle East. Most recently, she was the Director Future Plans and Strategy for the military coalition to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In this role, she was also the Senior National Representative for all Australian troops in Iraq. Brigadier Duncan is the second Director to command the role of Director General Army Leadership since its inception in March 2019.

Along with discussing her role as the Director General Army Leadership CAAL also provides a rapid-fire round where Brigadier Duncan give us her BLUF, in 30 secs or less, on all eight of the Australian Army Leadership Program (AALP) focal areas and how the AALP becomes an enduring model.

  1. Enhancing character
  2. Leadership role clarity
  3. Mission Command
  4. Critical thinking and contributory dissent
  5. Inspirational leadership, emotional intelligence and the human touch
  6. Innovation, risk tolerance, opportunism, opportunism and leading through and beyond failure
  7. Adaptability, leading through influence
  8. Enduring model.