Welcome to part 2 of CAAL podcast series with LTCOL Clare O’Neill, CSC.

In part 1, LTCOL O'Neill took us through the logic of the Chief of Army’s family of documents in order to discuss teaming and leadership, including the changing nature of teams in an environment of Accelerated Warfare. She challenged ghe widely held assertion that we are a peacetime Army when junior leaders should always be preparing for that moment where they get tapped on the shoulder to step up.

In this episode, LT Samuel Cox discusses the following points with LTCOL O'Neill:

  • The importance of being a staff officer
  • LTCOL O'Neill's two deployments to Afghanistan which were prior to women being allowed in combat
  • Grounded Curiosity - The Australian Army's first online professional military education site (which she founded)
  • Her upcoming role as the CO of 51 Far North Queensland Regiment