Episode theme: Teaming and Leadership

Host: LT Samuel Cox

Guest: LTCOL Clare O’Neill, CSC

In this episode of the CAAL Podcast series we’re speaking with LTCOL Clare O’Neill CSC, to discuss teaming and leadership, as well as drawing out her personal reflections on leadership from a number of interesting roles.

LTCOL O’Neill is an officer in the Royal Australian Engineers and her regimental experience has included the 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, 6th Engineer Support Regiment and 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment. She has been involved in several operations, exercises, and disaster relief responses. She founded Grounded Curiosity and the Defence Entrepreneurs Forum - Australia; and she has been both a Chief of Army Scholar and was Army’s first ever Fulbright Scholar.

In 2021 she was took Command of 51FNQR, and prior to that she was the Assistant Director of the Chief of Army’s Initiatives Group which directly supported the Chief’s development of his ‘family of documents’: Accelerated Warfare, Army in Motion, the National Institution Statement and our capstone document Army’s Contribution to Defence Strategy.